Sunday, August 12, 2012

End of an Era?

Original Band Art and a 1998 Bangor Concert Poster
Have They Rocked Their Last?

As you may have heard Stephen King, Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, Amy Tan, Roger McGuinn and the rest of the authors and artists that make up "The Rock Bottom Remainders" rock band gave two farewell performances in late June. They decided since their founder and fellow band member, Kathi Kamen Goldmark, passed away from cancer in May, that they would make this their farewell shows.

Some of you may remember when we had Rock Bottom Remainders videos and CD's at our Overlook Connection Bookstore. It was Kathi who got in touch with us to offer these cool items from this unique and wonderful group. We offered them for years until she was sold out of them. I was fortunate enough to see them in Atlanta on their 1993 "
Rock Bottom Remainders Tour America with Three Chords and an Attitude" tour. That was a fun show. Yeah, there were some squeaks here, and a twang there, but they were having a blast and it spread out throughout the crowd. I remember back at the hotel bar I spoke with Roy Blount, Jr. for awhile (who's a Georgia boy), and Dave Barry bought me a drink. It was a night to remember. I even got into the press conference they held at the Hard Rock Cafe earlier that day and was able to ask quite a few questions. Steve came right over after it was done and shook my hand. "If you hadn't have been here Dave, I don't know what would have happened." He was referring to the fact that no one in the press was asking questions. Frankly the press didn't know what to make of this "authors-turned-musicians" idea. I had plenty of questions and then that seemed to break the ice as others began to chime in. 

That was the only time I was able to see them but glad I did. 

Oh, and I did bring Steve my first printing of The Shining to sign and we took a couple of photos with an Overlook Catalog ta boot. Sits in a frame in my hallway today, and, when I remember to look, it always brings a smile.

I'm very sorry to hear about Kathi's passing but she left behind a legacy with this unique band that's been playing now for twenty years. My guess is they'll be back again someday. When you get that "performing fever" it's never easy to give up.

Never say never.

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