Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Can't stand the heat?

Big political year this year. It's become very nasty out there in the "arena of the parties" as we come closer to the new Presidential election in November. It's become nastier than I think I have ever seen, at least in my adult lifetime.

Because of this climate I lost a friend on Facebook today. Someone I've known a long time, but that's the rub: she kept posting inflammatory political rhetoric, posting dumb Obama pictures, and anti-President comments that I eventually responded to by asking her questions. She is one of those who has posted "I will move out of the country if Obama is elected again." Yes, it's that kind of odd. I don’t agree with everything Obama has done either -  however -  these comments and the like are not helping. I asked her questions, tried to get an intelligent discussion going, but I was usually met with a couple of words, and then, eventually cussing with the last comment being "He (Obama) is a f**cking Marxist." I thought I knew her better than that. It's unfortunate but here's the issue: if you're on any public forum, and FB is a public forum, then expect to be put to task if you're posting controversial remarks, etc. 

Since being removed was the last thing she had to say to me, it also showed me just how much of an echo chamber she and others have become to the right wing media. This was evidenced by the fact that she couldn’t voice any concrete responses to any of my questions. You should at least know “why” you’re so angry at the political powers that be. Instead her, like so many others, just get stirred up by the fear mongering that is created by the right wing media. Ever listen to them? I do. I am amazed at what comes out of their mouths at times. They may have a good point every now and then, but for the most part they inflame instead of inspiring.
You can create an atmosphere of discontent and rebellion, but in the end does your listeners truly know why they're so upset?

This is why I don’t get into religious or political discussions much. I don’t believe you’re going  to change your position, but I ask to understand yours when I ask questions. Who knows, I might even learn something!  After I receive the usual pat responses that most people in these  groups respond to, what I eventually only get back are a couple of words or just “crickets.” 

This leaves me to wonder how you got to your conclusion on these topics in the first place.
Oh, yeah, Rush, maybe Hannity, and I’m sure Beck’s in there somewhere.

All I ask is you learn the facts for yourself and let's come together as a people and try to figure these things out together.

Calling politicians names and claiming you'll "move out of the country" just isn't the answer.