Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm Phil Spector.. and You're Not

Phil Spector HBO Movie.

I've had a hard time watching this. I don't really have time to watch more about "the crazy" that is Phil Spector. I don't need an explanation of the Phil "I'm-maniacal-and-I-can-do-whatever-I-want" Spector. I've read so many stories over the years of his gun-toting insanity by people who have worked with him that the murder he was convicted for was no surprise.

His mania had finally caught up with him. His mania destroyed someone's life.

Ronnie Spector, his ex-wife and one of the Ronettes, did two smart things:

1) She divorced the abusive Phil Spector, but...
2) she kept his last name.

The world has sympathy for her, and his continued mania over the decades just gave more credibility to her testimony of the abuse she suffered at his hand. Physically, and financially.

I think I'm just disturbed by it all.
This coming from the guy who publishes horror fiction for a living.

However fiction doesn't even come close to the "real life" horror
that some experience.

I'm fortunate. I just publish "fiction."

Here's a picture from studio time of Phil and Ronnie. Better times I'm sure.

Well, at least for Phil.

Watch the movie if you're interested. Al Pacino is spot on with his performance and Helen Mirron is just good. She's always good.

Two blog posts in two days. My keyboards on fire!

That is all.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mallo's Mah Thing

Here's the thing..... I love Mallo Cups.

Love 'em. What? Never heard of 'em? Good.. MFM!
(as my Mom still says... "More For Me..." ) 

Mallo Cups are like Reeses Cups... 'cept they ain't. They're filled with a marshmallow creme, and there's coconut flakes within the chocolate on top. Best sweet stuff ever. EVER I tells ya.

Guess what chicken butt? They-don't-sell- 'em-down-South. 

If you do find them down here they're at Mr. Carter's grocery store, out on West Hwy 666, off a dirt road (look out fer rattler's crossin' ) down around the corner from I don't know where the hell I'm at!

Get it?  Ya just can't find these puppies anywhere... 

So... what arrives today? A WHOLE DANG BOX FULL OF GOODNESS PEOPLE! from my beautiful cousin Jaime Hinchberger Hiwiller, who lives in Pennsylvania where they make the darn "goodness" up there in Alatoona, PA.

Jump back I wanna kiss mah self! WHoooo Hoooo!

Thank you darlin'... what did I ever do to deserve this.. ?

Sorry? I couldn't hear ya? I'm sorry.. I'm too busy schmackin' my way through all this choclatey-marshmallow-coconut-goodness-lord-sakes-alive-somebody-come-and-take-these-outta-mah-hand... 

What? You say my hand's too sticky?

The funny thing is... I'm not big on marshmallow with anything else. 

I haven't looked too deep into why. You shouldn't either.

That is all.

PS: And no, you can't have any of my Mallo Cups.. get yer own cute cousin to hook ya up ;-)