Monday, June 15, 2009

Does E-Book Reading Interest You?

Does E-Book Reading Interest You? As a Reader? As an Author?

It was bound to happen sooner or later. An e-book reader would come along that would change the face of publishing. Amazon's Kindle reader is the format that has turned heads (and opened wallets at $400 a pop) to bring you a fairly convenient way to read. There are many readers by Sony and others, but it's the Kindle that has pushed this format forward. And it will hold over a hundred books. I think saving some trees is a great idea; however, I'll still take the 'physical' book every time. As a publisher, I'll continue to produce titles that have special editions that makes that 'book-you-hold' have a special meaning. We also want to produce titles for the everyday reader too, and that's where the e-book version will certainly compete with a 'real' book.

As a store and publisher of horror and the fantastic, I find that buyers, especially horror fans, like to collect the actual books.

As a bookseller, and especially a publisher, I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on e-books. If you have a moment, here are a few questions that would help us immensely:

1) Can you foresee switching to buying only e-books now or in the future?

2) Would you continue to buy physical books, and / or both physical and e-books?

3) Is price a determining factor with an e-book? For example would you buy an e-book if it was cheaper than a printed book?

4) If you purchase signed limited editions, but could also buy the book as an e-book, which would you purchase?

You can e-mail your answers to Thanks for taking the time to respond. Your input makes a difference and will help us help you in the future.

Here is a recent NY Times article on e-books at Book Expo , a leading industry convention held every year. Due to the economy, there was a substantial drop in attendance from publishers, but it was well attended. This will give you more information on e-books and how the industry is perceiving it.

Keep readin'... We All Shine On!

Dave Hinchberger
Owner, Overlook Connection

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