Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ah.. Fingerprints On The Sky.. continues to gather...

Tim Richmond, author of the FINGERPRINTS ON THE SKY: The Official Harlan Ellison Reader's Guide, (and being published by Overlook Connection Press) took time over the Labor Day weekend to visit with publisher Dave Hinchberger (yes, that would be me) to work on artwork placement within this massive tome.

FINGERPRINTS ON THE SKY began in 1998 when Mr. Richmond was introduced to me at the World Fantasy Con in Providence, Rhode Island. From that point forward we decided to embark on a journey that we had no idea would go this far, or this long. This volume has grown in so many ways, with the help of Harlan Ellison, his wife Susan, Andrea Richmond, and many others who have also been an immense help in sizing this tome into the book we'll be publishing in 2010. This volume was once going to be a much simpler version. Tim began to delve into more areas of the Ellison canon, discovering items and pieces even the man himself had not seen for decades. It almost seemed never ending, and certainly at times, overwhelming. I personally have spent hundreds of hours working on formatting, collecting images, you name it, I’ve had my hand in it. So much so, here we are twelve years later taking our Labor Day weekend to place images where Tim and I think they should go. This is the only book to ever look and reference every known and unknown work by Harlan Ellison. Thousands of entries, and hundreds of rare items being listed for the first time. After many drafts and changes, we are now down to adding the images and having the book typeset.

Once we’re down to final approval from the Ellison camp, then we’ll have a definite date in 2010 for publication. You can view the editions we’ll have available here at the Overlook website.

LABOR DAY SALE is now over and thank you for the big response! We gave away a lot of books with the new orders, so thanks again and we'll have more book-lover's deals soon!


Dave Hinchberger

Owner, Publisher, Overlook Connection Bookstore and Press.


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