Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brownsville, Oregon aka Castle Rock

The incredible Stephen King story "The Body," was made into a wonderful film by Rob Reiner called Stand By Me. I still consider it one of the best King film adaptations ever produced. This year marks the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the filming of Stand By Me in Brownsville, Oregon. The town, which became Stephen King's fictional town of Castle Rock in the story, recently celebrated the anniversary with several activities, including a pie eating contest. You might remember the story within a story that featured 'Lardass Logan' (where does King come up with these names? :-) who made the pie eating contest a form of revenge on the town. Talk about savoring the moment. So grab a piece of pie, any pie will do, and hop on over and click the link to read the local article on this enduring classic.

Read a Local Article on Stand By Me HERE!

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