Sunday, August 8, 2010

Safe "Haven" ? I Dunno....

HAVEN, based on Stephen King's original novel The Colorado Kid, is currently playing on SyFy and it has kept the audience guessing and wondering "where" and "what" will happen next.

Visit the official Haven web site here!

This series is pretty damn good so far (I'm on the 2nd episode as I write this). Check it out when you get a chance. Of course you can view episodes at the SyFy web site too. We'll see where it goes as it has added some extra "thangs" in this story.

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  1. This series is doomed. It's bland and rehashed X-Files.

  2. Well.. funny you should post that. I watched episodes 3 & 4 after posting this... and I concur. It seems it's another push because it's a "Stephen King" story, but it's going downhill fast. I'll watch the rest to see what they've done..