Friday, September 3, 2010

Football, Dogs, Bright Lights and Turning Leaves

I've begun noticing more leaves in the yard. Brown, orange, some yellow ones too. The heat has taken it's toll on our poor trees (and us as well), and they're starting to relent their bounty to the ground underfoot. Is that a slight, but cool breeze I feel?

There's a light snore coming from my left. It rises, falls, then a pause and it begins again. I take a quick look: it's our high schooler who is now snoozing on the couch after a long seven hours tonight. He performs saxophone in his high school band. Snoozing isn't quite right... a light snore is more like it. At this rate he'll sound like his pop here. Naturally in the course of 40+ years, I've earned mine ;-)

It has been awhile since I've been to the Friday night lights of high school football. To attend my family's participation in it that is. But here in Georgia, school is now in session, and the sacred ritual of going to the Friday night game and festivities have begun. Second week in fact. This weeks game is at South Paulding High School (this is an away game for us) and we're here to hear our son play in the Hiram High School Band. This is his freshman year, so the next four years of Friday night lights, at least for the Fall, are now set for us to attend. The Hiram Hornets played against the South Paulding Spartans this evening. As we arrived to the game, the sun was out, but waning. On the way over to the game the temperature dropped 4 points down to 90 degrees. It was a time to rejoice! This time last week it was 98 degrees! This week the humidity is receding, and tonight was especially low. What? Does this mean that Fall will come this year? After a record heat this summer (July was noted as the hottest month on record in this country), I was beginning to wonder. I wasn't expecting any relief until October. So we're off to a good start!

My wife and I approached the field tonight with anticipation in the air. The concession stands...

Wait.. our young man (I almost wrote 'boy', where did that boy go?) is now turning over on the couch. A quick snort to catch his breath and he's back to his light snooze. I just noticed he's still wearing his band pants. I thought they were shorts he put on. It seems these pants can collapse, while on the person. Being horizontal helps of course. However the socks are definitely off. I think the socks were the first clothing to hit the floor when he hit the door as we got home.

Okay where was I?

[ Hiram High School Band at South Paulding High School, Sept. 4th, 2010]

The concession stands were in full swing, and were grilling up a storm. It seemed like a storm from the clouds of flavored steam the grills were creating around the stands. Heading up to the stadium seats to sit with friends, passing the band section (there's our youngin'!), with their instruments gleaming from the stadium lights. The lights were slowly filling in everywhere the sun left off. We had already eaten, but man does the smell of the grilling below pull on my stomach strings. You know, when you're watching that film and they show you the sad scene that pulls on the 'heart strings'? well I have 'stomach strings' and the pull was getting stronger. Maybe I could sneak in an order of fries later. Maybe. When the wife goes to powder her nose. Maybe. A sip of the Diet Coke and my focus is back on the game ( but maybe... tug, tug).

The beginning of the game showed promise for the Spartans. A slight worry for the Hiram Hornets. The way the Spartans were taking that ball down field against our boys had me more than a little concerned in the first few minutes of the game. Wifey said "nah, now that coach has seen what they can do, they don't have a chance." She was absolutely right. It wasn't an easy kill, but kill 'em they did. Maybe kill is a harsh word, a severe beating is more like it. They put up a good fight and it was an entertaining game. Hiram Hornets 31 to their 7.

And the band? I am very impressed with the HHS Band. Wow! They are good. Very good. Yes, I'm biased, but I would also be the first to tell you they need work. I'm sure they do, but I couldn't tell you where, and I have a fairly good ear. They're in good hands with Dr. Davis and Mr. Gibson at the helm. Looking forward to hearing more. I've been through this before at Lassiter High School with two previous sons (and I've sold lots of hot dogs in their concession stands at home and at the now defunct Atlanta Stadium too) who were also in marching band. It's a good feeling helping out and being a band parent again.

Two weeks, two wins. I'm liking this. And I get to hear great music (with our boy - he'll always be "our boy') from the HHS Band. Watching them perform at half-time is always a treat. They work hard all week to bring us these Friday nights. What else could 'cha need?

Well maybe a dog and some fries (the smokin' grill was just too much for me). Just grabbing my dog here and..OH! It's naked! My dog is naked! Mustard! Somebody pass me the mustard and quick!

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