Friday, July 8, 2011

Rocky Wood, President of HWA, Needs Your Help

Hey Everyone,

As most of you know, Rocky Wood, President of the Horror Writers Association, has ALS or more popularly known as Lou Gherig's disease. We at the Overlook Connection have been raising funds from selling Rocky Wood's Stephen King collection that will go to purchase a device that will help him communicate after the disease has taken it's toll.

The hard truth is this disease is terminal. ALS slowly begins slowing down the body's movement to the point where your eyes are the only thing left you are able to move. The device that Rocky needs to purchase actually tracks his eye movements to help him communicate with his computer. Recently Rocky appeared on ONE PLUS ONE, a news program in Australia, and during the interview he said "I don't think you can measure what it's like to not move, but to lose the ability to communicate for anyone but especially for a writer it's even worse." With this device, which costs $25,000, he can continue to be a part of the world.

A letter from Rocky appears at the head of his items we have for sale and explains his situation. If you would spread the word about these items for sale in your postings and newsletters it would be appreciated.We're trying to raise these funds as soon as possible and I'm enlisting your help here and any attention you can give is much appreciated.

You can see Rocky's Stephen King items HERE

You can view the ONE PLUS ONE interview with Rocky Wood here:

We've received many requests to just send a donation. If you would like to send a donation you can do so directly via PayPal to Rocky at

Thank you for your time and support for a wonderful person in our community.

Dave Hinchberger

Overlook Connection Bookstore and Press

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