Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ah... Feels Good to Post Again...

YO! I'm back online and ready to start posting again. For those of you who don't know me, I run the Overlook Connection Bookstore and Press. Have been since 1987, and I've seen a lot of people come and go in this biz-o-books. A lot of people still around too I'm happy to say. Running a commercial concern can take up a lot of time, and if you have a family like me, there isn't a lot of time to post some days. But dammit I like to discuss and get out there with what's going on in the world, whether it's a movie, concert, book or whatever! I had a blog once on AOL, but they decided to shut down and I just didn't have time to work up another blog. So here I am big ol' world and I'm ready to sling some wordage and report on some happenings from time to time. I will talk about some of the happenings at the Overlook Connection Bookstore and Press, but mostly I'll just be giving my thoughts on this and that in entertainment. My niece, Lisa, calls me "Uncle Entertainment" just because I enjoy being entertained, and I like to spread it around to my friends and family.

So come on by and sit a spell sometime and I'll pass along what I find and let you know what I think. Oh, and crank up some Pink Floyd will ya? I'm feeling a bit 70's this evening.

Y'all keep on Shinin'


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