Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grade "A Team"

Take yerself, yer wife and kids (uh, teens on up what with the violence and some language and all gang), rush on down to the local theater. Buy your tickets, sneak a peek in the bathroom (ya don't wanna get up during this action fest), grab yer drink and popcorn and get settled in. The "A-Team" is one smash hit for this summer and a definite popcorn movie. I LOVE popcorn movies, cuz you just leave your brain at the door and enjoy the ride. This is gang busters from start to finish. And I do mean finish - stay after the credits - it's fun. I wait thru credits sometimes to see if there's going to be a surprise. With the history of the TV series, I figgered there would be one here. The comaraderie between the actor/characters is tangible and the audience and I laughed quite a bit at the antics. Especially Mr. T's whining about flying all the time. Hey, it's the A-Team so you know it's full of crash-boom-bang with movie flair. The actors pull it off well and the writers and film makers know what they're doing. Doesn't hurt that Ridley and Tony Scott have also produced this one. If they sell stock for the sequel, I'd buy it, because this is the beginning of a successful franchise. Watch this and have fun. Boom.

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